Behind The Scenes: Beauty Shoot with Uprising Talent Alexandria Wishart

Sunday, 30th August at Lochaber Terrace. The day was spectacularly sunny and fine, and Amelia’s studio was set up for a brilliant photoshoot.

We were privileged to host Alex Wishart as our model for the session, and although she is new to the industry, she is already signed to an agency; both Amelia and I were so excited to watch her talent unfold.


Alex’s ‘before’ photo

As I did her makeup and hair, I found it a breeze to work with her – she was professional, upbeat and relaxed the entire time. Once she got dressed into her first outfit, both her and Amelia started their work.


Alex was exceptional and confident in front of the camera – and proved her versatility was her strong suit.

Alex0018 Alex0003

And, on top of that, wasn’t afraid to smile!

Alex0012 Alex0011

We got quite a few great shots of Alex – here are the rest of my top picks from the day.




Alex3 Alex2

Are you a Brisbane-based aspiring model? We’re always looking for confident, professional girls to work with. Get in touch if you’d like to book a portrait shoot with us!

Courtney xx


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