Hey everyone!


So as some of you know I’ll be working with Kylie Eustace tomorrow (TOMORROW!? So excited!!!) at the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival, yay! It’s my first ever fashion show, and so in preparation I got a heap of her eyeshadow samples to play with, and I wanted to show you guys.

DSC_0003 DSC_0004

The shadows are formulated by Kylie herself, and contain fantastic, skin-loving ingredients that YOU will also love! The pigmentation on these babies are strong, and the shadow is super long lasting! All in all, I am very impressed. Don’t forget to click on the photos below to see them in large size!


Mineral Goddess Shadows in Natural Light


Mineral Goddess Shadows with Flash

Kylie has also produced a couple of new colours that are soon to be released – so stay tuned for those!

I hope this Swatch & Review was helpful for you, don’t forget to subscribe to stay in the know in all things makeup. Hope I see you next time!

Courtney ♡


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