In my latest video I review the new Maybelline FitMe Matte Poreless Foundation! Check it out – some surprising features 🙂 enjoy!



  • MAC Fix +
  • Nivea for Men Aftershave Balm in Sensitive
  • Maybelline FitMe Matte Poreless Foundation in 110 & 120
  • TooFaced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
  • Graftobian Colour Corrector palette in Light
  • Graftobian Concealer Palette in Neutral #1


  • Sleek Brow Duo Kit in Dark

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50 Steps to Kim Kardashian’s VEGAS Cover Makeup: by Mario Dedivanovic


Ever wanted to peek inside the world of celebrity makeup artists? Find out their secrets, tips and tricks to achieving that flawless finish? Well, here’s a peek! I’ve also added links to all the products used for those who live in Australia (since some of the brands are hard to come by). Let me know how you go trying out these techniques!

I was first inspired by Mario Dedivanovic (Kim Kardashian West’s favourite and personal makeup artist, the one who came up with her signature look) when I read an article by Arabelle Sicardi, which you can read here, about her time at a Kim & Mario makeup workshop a couple of months ago. She also included a 50-step routine with links to products, and so I was inspired to do something similar after finding out the now-not-so-secret products that Mario uses are more affordable and less ominous than previously thought! The following instructions and products are based off of this video of a private workshop by Mario. He made it seem perfectly effortless, even though it comprised over 50 steps. Read through and, if you dare, have a go of the glam look yourself – I know I will! He also mentions a few other tips and hints in the video, so I highly recommend watching it.

Mario’s Evening Makeup for Kim Kardashian West


  1. Use a Makeup Wipe to completely clean the face
  2. Moisturise with Kiehls Ultra Facial Moisturiser
  3. Wet a Beauty Blender and squeeze so it’s fluffy
  4. Use a Beauty Blender to blend in foundation, it gives the best effect
  5. Georgio Armani foundation – warm on your hand before applying
  6. Before setting with powder, warm the powder on your hand first
  7. Apply powder with puff
  8. Keep puff attached to the hand for the remainder of the makeup, so you don’t smudge it with your fingers


  1. Focus on and extend the outer corner, usually with a shade slightly lighter than the natural brow colour – Cork by Mac (be light handed, filling in sparse areas).
  2. Use what is left to fill in the beginning of the brow
  3. Take off excess brow gel on the hand before applying
  4. Max Factor No Colour/Natural brow gel, apply leftover to hold product and brow hairs in place


  1. Apply Makeup Forever Lifting Concealer to eyes as a base for eyeshadow
  2. For smoky eyes, don’t use greys in the crease – it can be very ashy. If you want to use grey, use a grey liner, and blend it up into a warmer colour in the crease
  3. Apply white gold colour on brow bone
  4. Apply Vapour by Urban Decay with Stila brush no. 15, to tear duct, and across lids about ¾ way across
  5. Blend Chopper by Urban Decay onto the outer corner, blending into the silver, up to crease (but not through crease to the inner corner)
  6. Use a flat edged brush to apply a firm line (so you are more precise) of a warm colour through crease – Cork by Mac
  7. Go over crease colour with a much finer brush in a darker reddish (warm) brown, focussing mainly in the centre
  8. Blend the colours, but don’t over blend it out, it will blend itself having had a similar colour already applied underneath. Blend to the desired effect
  9. Warm eyeliner up on your hand – Smoulder by Mac
  10. Before applying liner, gently lift up under the brow and hold
  11. Apply eyeliner from inner corner to outer, going from thinner to slightly thicker, respectively
  12. Use brush no. 20 by Smashbox to smudge and blend eyeliner
  13. On the outer corner, blend up and out, to create more of a smoky, catty eye; blend it up into the warm colour on the eyelid
  14. To curl lashes, hold lid under brow again – using Billy B Beauty, or Shu Uemura
  15. After curling (and counting), curl again more in the centre if needed
  16. For mascara, use Loreal Voluminous in Carbon Black
  17. With client’s eyes closed, lift lid gently with thumb – use the thumb as backing for any pass-through of mascara. Be sure to really rub the mascara to the roots.

Under eye Concealer

  1. Wrap makeup wipe over finger, remove everything under the eyes
  2. Start with concealer palette Beauty Tech by Kryolan, apply under eyes with a flat brush, correcting the colour and concealing
  3. Blend into foundation VERY well – all about the blending!
  4. Go over with the Makeup Forever Lifting Concealer (Shu Uemura concealer is also very good)
  5. Use the damp beauty blender to blend in the concealer with any remaining foundation, pressing it in really well
  6. Press in a very sheer amount of translucent powder underneath (Mario Used Estee Lauder)
  7. Sweep away the loose powder with any kind of clean brush you find good for removing excess (Mario used a flat foundation brush)

Lower Eyes

  1. Line the lower inner rim with eyeliner (Smoulder by Mac)
  2. Take the line slightly under the lash line on the outer corners to give it a bolder effect
  3. Using a warm brown colour, and a fine angled brush, brush the colour lightly underneath the eye on the outer corners, blending toward the inner corner
  4. Apply Bedazzled powder by Giella to the tear duct
  5. Apply mascara to the bottom lashes (Mario says this is optional, some people love it and some don’t – Kim does)


  1. Use a matte bronzer (he used one by Smashbox) to contour under the hollows of the cheeks, around the face and jawline/neck. Kim herself noted that she thinks it’s so important to use a matte bronzer, not a bronzer with shimmer – because that can ruin the effect. Mario echoed that, adding that ‘shine’ all over the face can make women look muddy
  2. Contour the nose with the same bronzer, but using a smaller, softer brush
  3. Apply Kevin Aucoin blush in Shadore (A shade that would give a similar effect on a paler skin is Dolline, and Myracle for a darker skin)
  4. Brush the blush over the apples of the cheeks. Blend the blush into the bronzer. Don’t pull the blush all the way to the ear (which is old fashioned), just leave it on the apples nicely blended


  1. Line the whole lips with Gingerroot cremestick pearl liner by Mac
  2. Apply Brew lipstick by Mac to the lips, but mostly to the centre
  3. Apply Hug me lipstick by Mac on the outside of the lips
  4. Mix two lip glosses together and apply in a sheer layer – Glamour OD by Mac, and Sugarrimmed by Mac (both Dazzleglass lip glosses)
  5. Highlight the centre of the lip by dabbing Crystal Clear by Estee Lauder

And that’s it! Have fun trying it out, feel free to leave pictures if you do!

Courtney xoxo