Trend Forecast S/S 16: Western Wildcard

If you read the November issue of Vogue Au you probably found it hard to miss their observation of the reintroduction of cheeky Western add-ons to various outfits. Tassles, suede fabrics and stylishly cool hats are all front-runners you should be sure to include in your wardrobe this summer.


Adding a dash of the Wild Wild West gives you an edge without coming across as arrogant; fresh, without being garish.

And don’t go overboard; let the style speak for itself. Shoes, bags, jackets and other accessory items should feature your new trims, with simple colour palettes that reveal the true you.

Here are some picks you might like – happy shopping!

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6 Steps to a Blossoming Wardrobe this Spring


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Now that Spring is well and truly in full bloom, it’s time to freshen up our looks! With all the exotic and diverse themes coming into play during the Fashion Weeks, we’ve got a striking yet elegant season ahead of us here in Oz. Here are 6 ways to revitalise your wardrobe this Spring/Summer!

1. Have Your Basics Covered


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I can’t stress enough how important it is to have all of your necessary clothing staples. They act as a backdrop on which you can dress up or down, accessorise, and add personal style. Plus, there’s no need to break the bank with basics: you can search great selections at places like Target, Kmart, and Big W, so you can stay within your budget. Must-haves include basic jeans, leggings, black skirts/pants, white and black shirts, singlets, white, beige and black shoes, and neutral coloured bag/s.

2. Send Out The Flares


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In keeping with the emergence of 70’s themes in the Fashion Weeks this year, flared jeans are now making a comeback. For warmer months, choose jeans that are a mix of denim with a softer, cooler fabric, like elastic or cotton. Flares are extremely versatile, suited to most body shapes and sizes, and can easily be worn casually or styled up.

3. Denim Dreams


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As with flares, denim overlays are once again a must for our ensemble this Spring. Vests, playsuits, jackets and skirts are the at the forefront of this trend, with edgy lines and a variety of textures, this wearable weave is sure to proudly stand out once more.

4. The Orange Lip


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Yes, you read that right – the orange lip, once thought a one-hit-wonder from 2013, is back in full swing this Spring! But beware, not all oranges are for all. Don’t be caught into the trap of mismatching makeup to your skin – head to a professional makeup counter to have yourself colour-matched. If your skin is cool toned, you’ll want a blue-based orange. If your skin has warm undertones, a pink-based orange is the one for you.

5. Get Creative With Colour

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Spring is the best time to play with colour – splashing different hues and tones through your wardrobe is sure to spice up your style, and your life! The top photo embodies what can be done along the monochrome theme, choosing one colour and making sure all your pieces are a shade of that colour. Or, if you’re the more ostentatious type, the bottom photo might resonate with your inner stylist. A combination of opposite colours (such as blue and orange, purple and yellow, and so on), when done well, is sure to attract everyone’s eye!

6. Accentuate With Accessories

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So you have your main pieces sorted for this season, but still feel like you’re missing that something special… well, get creative with your accessories! Jewellery, headpieces, bags and shoes in all kinds of shapes, sizes, materials and colours put the finishing touches on expressing your unique style. And don’t be afraid to go bold by trying new things; you never know, you just might find the brand or designer whose works are perfect for you. Spring is the time for you to blossom, after all! So be confident in what inspires you to look and feel lovely.

Which trends are you most excited about this Spring/Summer in Australia? Let me know in a comment! xoxo