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Last week I did a bit of shopping and picked up some goodies from TooFaced and Dior.

I’m actually really excited to announce that I am now working as a Beauty Advisor with my local Dior store!! Woo! I’m showing you guys my favourites in this little video; things I’ve only used a few times but can’t live without!

Watch my latest Video here!


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  • Mac Fix +
  • Nivea Men Shaving Balm
  • DiorSkin Forever Foundation in 010
  • Graftobian Concealer palette in Light Neutral
  • Australis Translucent Powder


  • Dior blush in Coral Cruise
  • TooFaced Chocolate Soleil bronzer
  • Kit Cosmetics Little Black Dress Palette No. 1 to highlight


  • Sleek Brow Duo Kit in Dark


  • TooFaced Le Grande Chateau Green pallette: Pot Du Creme, Fifi, La Femme, Bonjour
  • DiorShow Iconic Overcurl Mascara


  • Mac Lip Liner in Dervish
  • Dior Addict Lipstick in Smile


Unison – Aperture. From NoCopyrightSounds

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This weekend, me and my family roadtripped (if you can call it that) to the Sunshine Coast for the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival. I was privileged to be a part of the makeup team headed up by Kylie Eustace, ABIA Makeup Artist of the Year Nominee.

A large portion of the show featured stunning swimwear in time for summer, with bold sequin and pattern work adding glam to an otherwise casual style.

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Backstage was the most hectic part (but so much fun!) – we had very little light to work with, and had to side-step with the models to do any makeup touch ups.

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The two main highlights of my time were (finally!) getting to meet Kylie, and watching her incredible makeup skills in action – no wonder she’s been nominated for Makeup Artist of the Year in Australia! And second, getting to meet our celebrity guest – Madeline Stuart, Model of the Year who had just come back from modelling in New York Fashion Week. She’s also recently been nominated for Australian of the Year – she is such an inspiration!

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For more of a look behind the scenes, check out the photos below:

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6 Steps to a Blossoming Wardrobe this Spring


Photo from vogue.com.au

Now that Spring is well and truly in full bloom, it’s time to freshen up our looks! With all the exotic and diverse themes coming into play during the Fashion Weeks, we’ve got a striking yet elegant season ahead of us here in Oz. Here are 6 ways to revitalise your wardrobe this Spring/Summer!

1. Have Your Basics Covered


Photo from purelyreports.com

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have all of your necessary clothing staples. They act as a backdrop on which you can dress up or down, accessorise, and add personal style. Plus, there’s no need to break the bank with basics: you can search great selections at places like Target, Kmart, and Big W, so you can stay within your budget. Must-haves include basic jeans, leggings, black skirts/pants, white and black shirts, singlets, white, beige and black shoes, and neutral coloured bag/s.

2. Send Out The Flares


Photo from thefashiontag.com

In keeping with the emergence of 70’s themes in the Fashion Weeks this year, flared jeans are now making a comeback. For warmer months, choose jeans that are a mix of denim with a softer, cooler fabric, like elastic or cotton. Flares are extremely versatile, suited to most body shapes and sizes, and can easily be worn casually or styled up.

3. Denim Dreams


Photo from vogue.com.au

As with flares, denim overlays are once again a must for our ensemble this Spring. Vests, playsuits, jackets and skirts are the at the forefront of this trend, with edgy lines and a variety of textures, this wearable weave is sure to proudly stand out once more.

4. The Orange Lip


Photo from beautyrsvp.com

Yes, you read that right – the orange lip, once thought a one-hit-wonder from 2013, is back in full swing this Spring! But beware, not all oranges are for all. Don’t be caught into the trap of mismatching makeup to your skin – head to a professional makeup counter to have yourself colour-matched. If your skin is cool toned, you’ll want a blue-based orange. If your skin has warm undertones, a pink-based orange is the one for you.

5. Get Creative With Colour

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Photos from vogue.com.au

Spring is the best time to play with colour – splashing different hues and tones through your wardrobe is sure to spice up your style, and your life! The top photo embodies what can be done along the monochrome theme, choosing one colour and making sure all your pieces are a shade of that colour. Or, if you’re the more ostentatious type, the bottom photo might resonate with your inner stylist. A combination of opposite colours (such as blue and orange, purple and yellow, and so on), when done well, is sure to attract everyone’s eye!

6. Accentuate With Accessories

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Photos from vogue.com.au

So you have your main pieces sorted for this season, but still feel like you’re missing that something special… well, get creative with your accessories! Jewellery, headpieces, bags and shoes in all kinds of shapes, sizes, materials and colours put the finishing touches on expressing your unique style. And don’t be afraid to go bold by trying new things; you never know, you just might find the brand or designer whose works are perfect for you. Spring is the time for you to blossom, after all! So be confident in what inspires you to look and feel lovely.

Which trends are you most excited about this Spring/Summer in Australia? Let me know in a comment! xoxo

Australia, Bienvenido a Mexico!


Test shot of Frida Khalo for VOGUE in 1937.

The coming of spring brings with it a sweetness and vibrancy like no other: there is something about it which brings out the best in us. Everything from the gentle breeze, blooming flowers and delicious fruits in season call to mind the colours and evolution of style which the fashion world mirrors in perfect harmony. The recent Fashion Weeks have seen a nod to Mexico in droves among the major brands, bringing a youthful, bold and sassy lift to the Autumn/Winter collections. Beaded jackets, mismatching patterns and tasseled ponchos all embodied the exotic culture, reminding us of its history, artistry and gastronomy.

Another solid marker in what reminds us of Mexico is the tender yet fierce legend, Frida Khalo. Known in her time as a subject of mockery for going beyond the bounds of fashion dictated to her (often wearing overbearing dresses and headpieces reserved for religious ceremonies), her rebellious sense of style is now the pioneer of inspiration for this season. We in Australia ought to follow Khalo in adopting a purposeful approach to our wardrobe – looking to what inspires and excites us for direction. This Spring/Summer, bright masalas, deep grey-blues and emeralds are set to be among the top colour choices for reflecting this beautiful season.

Below are my top picks which speak to the fashionista in all of us – all photos from Harper’s Bazaar


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